My name is Boyd Hellier Knox, and I am an architecture and design professional from Melbourne, Australia.

I believe in an architecture that seeks to contribute through a sense of civic generosity and responsibility. One where the design process is motivated by the search for offering the most, in a manner relevant to the scope, context, and scale of each work. One where this offering where this offering extends past client, and towards streetscape, neigbourhood, environment, and the non-human.

I believe in an approach to sustainability that is inseparable from the broader design process. Design choices must be understood as a series of opportunities and consequences, with effects stretching beyond the present users and environment.

I have several years exprience at one of Melbourne’s most awarded architectural practises, Wood Marsh Architecture. Here I worked across a variety of sectors: including residential, infrastructure, urban design and civic projects. Both team based and individually motivated work took place, with collaboration inextricable from the design process. My personal responsibilities were diverse, but included delivering drawing packages, architectonic detailing and design work.

I have attended several internationally esteemed educational insitutions including: the University of Melbourne, KTH Stockholm, University College Dublin, and the Australian National University. During my studies I have earnt several awards, including: the Dean’s Honours, Global Mobility Scholar (twice), the John Wardle Architects Award for Design Research, and the University of Melbourne nomination for the prestigious RIBA Silver Medal (forthcoming).

Feel free to get in touch to discuss any opportunities further.